Caribbean Mountain

Christian Therapeutic Boarding School

Who We Serve

Caribbean Mountain Acade­my (CMA) is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for at-risk teens. The school offers year-round enrollment to English-speaking teenag­ers in crisis (Age 13 – 17).

Our Campus

Our campus spans 30 exotic acres and features a weight room, basketball court, soccer field, and much more. The priceless views, 24/7 supervision, mentoring, and (optional) spiritual discipleship from staff that desire to see your teenag­er thrive give your child a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a fresh start!

Therapeutic Approach

Counselors at CMA all have Master’s degrees in counseling or social work and are supervised by a licensed therapist. Counseling happens in an intense 24/7 setting, far from the distractions of home. Our program is based on the Stages of Change. We help our residents prog­ress through a natural change process for the specific struggles that were prevent­ing them from living in their homes successfully!


Caribbean Mountain Academy offers year-round open enrollment. After acceptance and upon arrival, CMA staff examine the student’s previous transcript and transfer over all completed semester credits. The education coordinator then creates a plan for gradua­tion.

Christian Schools International Certified

All Teens Deserve a Bright Future

Our Program

The Five Pillars of CMA

Family Based Counseling

Strong family relationships are the foundation to student success.

Relationship Oriented Mentoring

Connecting with caring and passionate staff who mentor each student.

Adventure Based Learning

Trying new experiences to gain a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Service Projects

Showing empathy and generosity towards those in need.

Spiritual Discipleship

Like Jesus, our goal is to be loving, patient, and understanding of all students, regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds.

Meet our Staff

Executive Director

Director of Operations

Program Director

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