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Boarding School Student Testimony Parker's Story

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After being adopted at birth, Parker’s adopted mother died when he was 9. Parker started seeking attention in negative ways. He turned to self-harm and drugs. He was in and out of programs. Finally, Parker came to Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) and things began to change.

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Nate Boarding School Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial | Nate’s Story

Nate fell into the wrong crowd. He was smoking weed and always high. He sacrificed his relationship with his parents and his Christian friends in order to gain approval from the wrong friends. Nate’s parents sent him to Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA), a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School, for help. It wasn’t always easy, but at CMA, Nate was able to develop spiritual discipline and learn how to live with people.

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How To Find A Credible Mission Trip Organization

Mission work is centered on relationships. Very few financial donors are willing to give outright to an individual, community, or ministry without first having a relationship with those who serve, or a deep connection with the mission.

Short-term mission trips are often a first exposure to those relationships and to the mission. They teach participants it is possible to have an impact on others, whether you’re serving in another culture, or financially supporting someone who does.

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Summer Program Or Long-Term Boarding School For Your Troubled Teen

Summer Program Vs Long-Term Boarding School For Your Teen

Both the summer program and boarding school’s curriculum is designed to help students grow so that they can integrate back into their homes in healthy new ways. They desire to give hope to families that change is possible, even when counseling hasn’t worked in the past.

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Choosing A Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Teen

Choosing A Therapeutic Boarding School for Your Teen

As a parent, looking for the best therapeutic boarding school for your teen, you will quickly realize there are many options, and a huge range of boarding schools that are all over the country, and even internationally. Here are some important options to consider.

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