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Derrick and Katie Allen are missionaries, originally from Iowa, who live in a small community outside Jarabacoa called Corocito. Derrick and Katie have lived in the Dominican Republic for about 12 years. Initially, they were called here separately as teachers. They met here in the Dominican Republic, married, and now have three beautiful children. Derrick and Katie specialize in teaching trades and have taught classes in a woodshop, aquaponics, baking, and sewing. The Allens have found that these trade classes not only teach life-long skills, but they are also an avenue in which they can connect with many people, present the Gospel, and begin discipleship. In 2018, Derrick and Katie were led to take their skills to a new place and start a new ministry from scratch.


This particular community, Corocito, has lacked a stable Christian community for a long time. Friends of the Allens had been begging them to come in and begin a ministry. After deciding that this is something they should do, the Lord led them to the perfect spot: a piece of land with a deteriorated house, a woodshop, an unfinished church building, plenty of space for an aquaponics system, next door to a baseball field and a school. The Allens left their previous ministry, bought the land, and worked hard to make the house livable and the grounds capable of supporting ministry. The Allens would like to continue using their gifts to share the love of Christ through trade programs, a baseball program, and a church. Currently, the church building is not functional enough to hold services. The Allens are gathering in their own house with local people from the community to share the Word. The church building and the property need a lot of hands and a lot of work to help get this ministry off the ground.

2021 Palo Blanco Church Plant With Pastora Magdalena

Magdalena is the pastor of an ever-growing church in Palo Blanco. She is also a principal at a local middle school. Her family has an incredible presence in Jarabacoa. Her husband is a doctor, and they own a large medical clinic. Her son is a pastor of a lovely modern church, one daughter is a pediatrician, and the other is a teacher. Magdalena has had a great relationship with Caribbean Mountain Academy for a long time, and we have partnered with her on multiple occasions. The mission teams at Caribbean Mountain Academy have helped Magdalena with numerous projects. They held Vacation Bible Schools for the kids, held a four-day basketball camp, evangelized to Palo Blanco’s community, and repaired many houses in the community. At Magdalena’s school, missions teams taught English, remodeled the bathrooms and the cafeteria.


The church building that Magdalena currently uses is outdated and very small. Many people attending her church services have to stand outside because there is not enough room inside. Magdalena’s foundation owns a plot of land directly across the street from her current church. Magdalena has had it on her heart to rebuild a more prominent church on this piece of land. This location is in a better area for a church. It has the opportunity for a bigger church and being on the main road that goes through the town of Palo Blanco. Magdalena would like to keep the old church building and make it into a children’s classroom and playground.

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