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“For the first time in 3 years, I knew our girl was safe and loved and in God’s hands, not mine. We have experienced much healing. Travis, the therapist I spoke to at first was great. He took the time to speak with me and listen. My original call with him lasted over 2 hours. He never rushed or judged. He gave hope, hope for our girl to find grace and exception. The staff at CMA were huge and still are in her life. Joel, her therapist – she related wonderfully to him – what a great relationship! If you as a parent are considering what to do for your child, the advice I would give to you is to pray, pray and pray some more. If this is where your child should be, He will make the way. our child’s being at Caribbean Mountain Academy was a direct, tangible answer to my seeking God for an answer as to how to help her. How to keep her safe until she knew she is chosen and worthwhile. He opened every door I needed help with and closed over what we didn’t need.”

Parent Testimonial

“After starting school here at Caribbean Mountain Academy, I finished high school a year and a half early. When I think about it, it’s just crazy. I can’t believe I really finished high school and I really did things that I never thought I would. One of the biggest lessons I learned here was that I really can have good relationships with people and what good relationships look like and how they affect everyone around me. I really love the staff here because a lot of the time I would get frustrated, but they wouldn’t give up on me or not want to deal with me. And I’m so glad that the staff stuck with me. They kept pursuing me and pushing me to places where they knew I could ultimately go. When I first talked to my family when I came here, I was really angry and really bitter towards them. But after I got past that I started making progress in communicating with my parents. I started being honest and because I was honest with them, we began building trust. Just telling them what was actually going on helped a lot.”

Student Testimonial

“When my wife and I called Crosswinds, we were out of solutions and running on empty. We immediately felt encouraged. From the start, the intake staff was very helpful, understanding, and calming. We spent a lot of phone time with them and we never felt rushed. It was a lengthy process for us and we never felt pressured. We were given names and numbers of other parents who were willing to speak to us and we found that to be invaluable. We worked through every question we had about our daughter going and made the decision that this was our best shot for helping her. She has been there a couple of months and we are already seeing changes. We talked on the phone last night and she actually said “it’s kinda nice not having a cell phone” WOW. As far as back at home, my wife and I have been able to take a deep breath and regroup. It is a wonderful thing to know our daughter is safe, well cared for, and is being given a second chance to make important changes in her life after so many other avenues not being helpful or viable.”

Parent Testimonial

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